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Kick start your digestion

Warm Lemon Drink

Squeeze 1/2 a small lemon into a 250ml mug, add 30-40ml of cold filter water then top up remaining mug with boiling water, add a little more cold water if needed, drink at least 30 minutes before breakfast to gain the full health benefits. Drinking warm water with lemon has the following benefits,including improving hydration, stimulate digestion via stimulation of bile and stomach acid, as well as lemons contain

vitamin C, high in antioxidants especially bioflavonoids.

Possible interactions

Lemon- At this stage there is no data to suggest there is any interactions, but it is advised that you make sure after drinking your morning warm lemon drink, you remove the lemon water from your teeth, either by rinsing with filtered water for at least 30 secs

or by brushing them,this will protect your teeth from the acid.

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