Update, as of the 25th of May 2020, you will now have the option of face to face, phone or telehealth appointment

When making a booking please ensure your phone number and email address are correct, if these are incorrect the naturopath may not be able to contact you. depending on which appointment type you want please leave a note with your booking , simply state, face to face, phone or telehealth.

 IF you are doing telehealth please make sure you have internet, a phone, laptop or tablet that has video and a microphone, telehealth is a simple effective way for your naturopath to determine your physical health via video, if you wish for your appointment to be phone call please leave note when booking.

This consultation is with the naturopath via telehealth or phone. Your naturopath will explore how best to support your immune function, from diet to lifestyle, herbal medicine including antivirals, immune enhancing, immune modulators, and key nutrients that have been shown to improve and support a healthy immune system 

Duration- 30mins

cost - $55.00 

This appointment is either face to face or via telehealth or phone it is only avaiable for current clients who have had their first and second consultations, its for ongoing issues or management of health concerns

Duration- 30mins

cost -$40.00

childs first appointment - can be face to face or telehealth or phone

Find answers to all your childs health issues, testing is available for possible food allergies and intolerences. 

Duration - 45 mins

Cost  $65.00

Face to face or telehealth or phone

Follow up appointment  appointmnet for a child, discuss progress, implementation of any further treatment options, receive test results from any pathlogy completed 

Duration - 20 mins

Cost $40.00

  First naturopathic appointment- it is recommeneded your first appointment be face to face, but if this isnt possible due to covid 19 a video chat via telehealth is highly reommeded for your naturopath to gain a better overall view of your health

At your first consultation I will explore any contributing factors effecting your health. This will include an in depth look at all current and past illness, as well as any family history. Your consultation may include any necessary physical examination, and if required additional pathology testing maybe suggested. During this appointment you will be provided with the necessary information and treatment to help you restore your health.

Treatments may include the use of herbal tinctures, teas, and nutritional supplementation,

diet and lifestyle changes.

Duration- 1 hour

Cost - $105.00   




Face to face, telehealth or phone

Return consultations are to assess how your treatment is progressing. This ensure the treatment is as effective as possible. These appointments allow for adaption and modifications of your treatment and discuss ongoing treatments options. It allows for the opportunity to ask questions, address any issues not discussed in your first consultation. While some conditions don't require close monitoring, others may need more regular check ups. The role of a naturopath is to educate you how to look after yourself.  

Duration 30 mins

Cost $65.00

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